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Syrus Truesdale
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Syrus Truesdale
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Jaden's best friend

15-year old Syrus is the weaker younger brother of Zane Truesdale , who is in the Obelisk Blue dormitory. He is in the Slifer Red dormitory along with Chumley and the main character, Jaden Yuki. Syrus manages something what is almost impossible: he gets lower grades then Jaden! Syrus is a decent duelist but has a great deal of self doubt, hindering his performance.

Syrus' appearances are numerous throughout the series but he only duels four times.

His first duel is against Jaden in order to train him for their Tag Battle match that would take place due to their being in the forbidden dorm to save Alexis.  Jaden starts with Elemental Hero Avian in attack mode and a face-down card, from which Syrus summons Patroid. Overlooking Patroid's ability, which would have enabled him to view Jaden's face-down card, he assaults Jaden, who stops the assault with Negate Attack. Jaden then deals a strong blow to Syrus with his Elemental Hero Sparkman and Syrus then draws Power Bond, the card Zane had forbidden Syrus from using due to its inherent flaw and Syrus' inability to cope with it. Syrus then fuses Gyroid and Steamroid with Polymerization to summon Steam Gyroid and he attacks. Jaden, slightly impressed, summons Elemental Hero Thunder Giant, whose ability destroys Syrus' Steam Gyroid, and depletes the remainder of Syrus' Life Points. When Jaden realizes that Syrus had Power Bond in his hand, he wonders why Syrus did not play it, since it would have made Steam Gyroid a 4400 attack point monster. Syrus reveals his brother's sealing of the card and this would eventually lead to Jaden's duel with Zane.

His duel with Jaden against the Paradox Brothers is a horrid affair for at least the first half of the duel, as Syrus manages to fall into every single trap that the brothers set for Jaden and Syrus. First of which, he forgets the special ability of the brothers' Kazejin and attacks with Steam Gyroid, whose attack points drop to zero due to Kazejin's ability. Later, he attempts to destroy the Fairy Meteor Crush card equipped to the brothers' Gate Guardian with Mystical Space Typhoon but it is blocked by Judgment of Anubis which negates the Mystical Space Typhoon and destroys Jaden's Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster. However, Syrus gains his wits back after Jaden gives him some praise and he summons Drilloid, which removes the Defense Wall that was acting as a shield for the Gate Guardian. He then plays Shield Crush, which destroys the Gate Guardian. At the final stages of the duel, Syrus summons UFOroid and fuses it with Jaden's Elemental Hero Tempest using Power Bond to create UFOroid Fighter, which has attack points equal to the combined total of the monsters that compose it (4000 in this case). Its attack points are then doubled to 8000 thanks to Power Bond and it attacks the brothers' Dark Guardian, which, despite its ability to be immune to destruction in battle, does not prevent overflow damage, and the brothers are defeated.

Syrus plays a Vehicroid deck, which are cartoon-like versions of real vehicles. Similar to Jaden's Elemental Hero series, Syrus' Vehicroid monsters are generally lacking in terms of martial strength but he supplements them through other cards and often combines them to form stronger cards. As he gains more self-confidence as the series progresses, he generally starts to duel much better.

Monster Cards

  • Cycroid
  • Drillroid
  • Gyroid
  • Jetroid
  • Patroid
  • Steamroid
  • Thunder Nyan Nyan
  • UFOroid
  • Submarineroid
  • Steam Gyroid
  • UFOroid Fighter
  • Super Vehicroid - Jumbo Drill
  • Kyuukyuuroid
  • Rescueroid
  • Reskyuukyuuroid
  • Decoyroid

Spell Cards

  • Pot of Greed
  • Limiter Removal
  • Mystical Space Typhoon
  • Polymerization
  • Power Bond
  • De-Fusion
  • Shield Crush
  • Weapon Change
  • Vehicroid Connection Zone

Trap Cards

  • Magic Cylinder
  • Entry Forbidden! No Entry!!
  • Super Charge
  • Cyber Summon Blaster
  • Wonder Garage

Credit to Mrs. Rankin, Mrs. Smith, TMSCC, and of course, Big D.