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Professor (Lyman) Banner
Main Characters
Jaden Yuki
Syrus Truesdale
Chazz Princeton
Bastion Misawa
Zane Truesdale
Professor (Lyman) Banner
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Evil Professor

Banner is the professor of the Slifer dormitory. He watches over Jaden Yuki, Syrus Truesdale and Chumley. 

Banner eventually revealed his identity as Amnael (アムナエル Amunaeru), the seventh and final Shadow Rider! Amnael unveils the fact that his body was actually a Zombie he made in his own image. While working on his experiments, he was stricken with a fatal illness. To prolong his life, Banner developed the Homunculus to transfer his soul into. His new body however, began to crumble, and Banner resolved to attaining the power of the Sacred Beasts to fulfill his dreams of creating the Philosopher's Stone. He lost to Jaden and gives him his shadow item, the Emerald Tablet, and with it the card "The Philosopher's Stone - Sabatier". With that settled, Banner's original mummified body and Homunculus vessel dissolved into dust. From then on, Banner's soul resides within his cat, Pharoah.

Card List

Banner's deck theme is alchemy and its relation to the universe. His main strategy relies mostly on the removal of his own cards from the game, supported by the special summoning of Alchemic Beasts, and the use of the Alchemic Processes.

Monster Cards

  • Alchemic Beast Copper Ouroboros
  • Alchemic Beast Lead Lion
  • Alchemic Beast Iron Salamander
  • Alchemic Beast Tin Aitos
  • Alchemic Beast Mercury Echeneis
  • Alchemic Beast Silver Moonface
  • Water Spirit Aquaria
  • Earth Spirit Titan
  • Wind Spirit Garuda
  • Fire Spirit Ifrit
  • Gold Homunculus
  • Primeval Sun Helios
  • Helios Duo Megistos
  • Helios Tris Megistos

Spell Cards

  • Alchemic Kettle - Chaos Distill
  • Iron Lamp
  • Copper Scale
  • Lead Compass
  • Black Process Nigredo
  • Tin Magic Panel
  • Mercury Hourglass
  • Silver Key
  • White Process Albedo
  • Chaos Greed
  • Planet Alignment
  • Yellow Process Citrinitas
  • Grand Cross
  • Red Process Rubedo

Trap Cards

  • Macrocosmos
  • Elemental Absorber Edit Text


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Credit to Mrs. Rankin, Mrs. Smith, TMSCC, and of course, Big D.