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Zane Truesdale
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Zane Truesdale
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Syrus Truesdale's brother

17-year old Zane Truesdale is Syrus Truesdale's stronger, older brother who stays in the Obelisk Blue dormitory along with Alexis Rhodes and Chazz Princeton. Nicknamed "the Kaiser", Zane is highly respected and a duel with him is reserved only for the elite.

When Syrus was younger he almost used the card called Power Bond. He was stopped by Zane who then revealed that if he used it, he would lose the duel at the end of his turn because of the card's effect. It was then that Zane sealed the card saying that when Syrus was ready he could use it. Syrus, believing himself to be a disgrace to his older brother who was a much stronger duelist, didn't unseal the card until much later when Jaden Yuki faced off against Zane.

Zane lost to Camula, the second Shadow Rider, who turned him into a doll. This was the first time in the series that Zane lost, though it was a intentional loss, as Camula used Syrus as payment for Illusion Gate; and if she were to lose, Syrus would lose his soul to the Shadow Beasts, causing Zane to stand down and take 4000 damage immediately, rendering his soul lost.

Zane is famous for being one of the only people to ever defeat Jaden Yuki in a duel thus far, the others being Kaibaman and Ed Pheonix. He later gives Jaden a rematch, chosing him as the opponent for his ceremonial graduation duel. The duel ends in a tie after Zane and Jaden use a variety of cards to raise their monsters' attack to astronomical levels. Zane goes on to compete in professional Duel Monsters tournaments after his graduation.

He suffers his first "true" loss to Ed Phoenix. Ed uses an Hero Deck, just like Jaden's, only with Phoenix Guy in the place of Flame Wingman. The duel also marks the first time he takes damage from Power Bond. Following his defeat, Zane finds himself trapped perpetually in a losing streak. He is approached by a promoter who offers him the chance to redeem himself, and although reluctant at first, Zane ultimately accepts. He soon is pitted against Inukai, a duelist who plays a Slime deck, while both are sealed inside a cage and forced to wear electrodes in front of a shady audience. Zane again finds himself on the losing end, but realizes that his former philosophy of respecting the opponent is flawed. In frustration, he resorts to cruelty and summons Chimeratech Over Dragon, which practically destroys the dueling ring. As the smoke clears, the promoter expresses his amazement, calling Zane an animal. The next time Zane is seen, he proves his strength to the dueling world once more. He has donned a dark outfit and persona and is referred to by the public as "Hell Kaiser."

Many fans consider Zane the Seto Kaiba parallel of the GX series; he suffers the same personality shattering breakdown following his loss to a dueler (Ed Pheonix)as Kaiba suffered after losing to Yugi; his favorite monster is Cyber End Dragon, a three-dragon fusion monster which is basically a machine version of Kaiba's Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon; both Zane and Kaiba start out as insufferable, haughty, quiet loners and care deeply enough for their younger silbings to throw a fight if their brothers' well-beings are put on the line.

Card List

Zane Truesdale runs a deck based on the Cyber Dragon card and all its incarnates.

Monster Cards

  • Cyber Dragon
  • Cyber Twin Dragon
  • Cyber End Dragon
  • Cyber Laser Dragon
  • Cyber Barrier Dragon
  • Metalizing Parasite - Lunatite
  • Cyber Phoenix
  • Cyber Soldier of Dark World
  • Cyber Giraffe
  • Proto Cyber Dragon
  • Heavy Mech Support Platform
  • Kaiser Glider
  • Chimeratech Over Dragon
  • Cyber Lizard

Spell Cards

  • Polymerization
  • De-Fusion
  • Power Bond
  • Photon Generator Unit
  • Different Dimension Capsule
  • Pot of Greed
  • Monster Reborn
  • Mystical Space Typhoon
  • Treasure from Another Dimension
  • Future Fusion
  • Machine Duplication Technique
  • Time Fusion
  • Cybernetic Fusion Support
  • Limiter Removal
  • Battle Fusion
  • Trap Booster
  • Overload Fusion

Trap Cards

  • Attack Reflector Unit
  • Call of the Haunted
  • Return Soul
  • Damage Paralyzer
  • Final Fusion
  • Trap Jammer

Credit to Mrs. Rankin, Mrs. Smith, TMSCC, and of course, Big D.